Wednesday, March 5, 2014

STOP the Slurs, the Discrimination and Hate!

Can the Hate-Loaded “Homophobe” Slur Ever Be Tolerated?

By Dr. Judy Meissner 

Unlike aberrosexualism, or anatomically incorrect, biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices''homophobia'' has never been recognized as a mental disorder in the psychological profession’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Rather, “homophobia” is a disrespectful, non-scientific, non-medical term astutely invented to attack and incite violence against everyone who disagrees with anatomically incorrect, biologically aberrant or morally deviant sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism.

Yes, “homophobe” is a hate-loaded slur used by bigots to discriminate, hurt, stigmatize, and offend everyone who expresses disagreement with the hateful Aberrosexualist ideology and its macabre social and political agenda. This slur is as despicable as any other ethnic, racial or sexist slur. It has no place in civil, respectable public discourse and it should be understood that is never acceptable. Never!

Use of the disrespectful “homophobe” slur to denigrate the universal rejection of biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism, is a unjustified verbal act of aggression against humanity and violates our basic right to have language used in a truthful, respectful and depoliticized manner.

''Homophobia'' does not mean an “irrational fear of” or “discrimination against” aberrosexuals or those who engage in biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices. "Homo" means MAN, not "homosexual" or "homosexualism," and "phobia" means "irrational or pathological fear of", not "discrimination against" anything. If anything, “homophobia” is the irrational or pathological fear of other human beings, not the sane and rational rejection of aberrant sexual behavioral choices or the sane and rational disagreement with the Aberrosexualist ideology. 

Desensitizing Bigotry and Hate

It's easy for those desensitized by bigotry to shrug off the “homophobe” slur as just another word, and dismiss everyone who gets upset over it as being “too sensitive.” Interestingly, few would make the same argument with the N-word. That's because we recognize what a loaded term it is, bound up in centuries of painful history of discrimination and violence.

Using a slur hurled by extremists seeking to force society to accept as “normal" biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices and making disrespectful comments against everyone who disagrees with them isn't any different. Both are the kind of thing that tells us more about the individual using the slur than the people they utter them about. It makes them look like a bigot; it makes them look ignorant.

One of the things that unite bigots, racists and, of course, Aberrosexualist extremists, is their inability to perceive of other human beings as equals deserving the same civility and respect they'd want for themselves. They also forget that slurs, insults and offences are the arguments of those that have no arguments. Perhaps that’s why aberrosexualist hatemongerers invariably resort to slurs, insults and offences against everyone who disagrees with them. In the end, they must recognize that those who demand respect one must first extend it to others.

The Consequences of Inciting Violence with the “homophobe” Slur

The truth is that everyone assaulted or murdered by an Aberrosexualist fanatic is a victim of continued abuse of this ugly, hate-loaded slur. The next person assaulted or murdered because of their alleged or perceived “homophobia,” their blood trial will lead directly to those who recklessly use the “homophobe” slur.

They will be held accountable for creating the climate of hate, bigotry and intolerance that feeds this aggression and violence. We must put an end to this condemnable climate before others get hurt or worse, killed, as happened to Mary Stachowicz, a 51-year-old Polish language translator, whose lifeless body was found in a crawl space beneath her murderer’s Chicago apartment. Mary was murdered by an aberrosexual neighbor who considered her a “homophobe,” and therefore felt justified in killing her.

What about Aberrosexualism (homosexualism)? Is it a mental disorder? Yes, it was always recognized as mental disorder in the DSM until it was deviously suppressed in December of 1973 as a result of Aberrosexualist intimidation and threats of violence. Aberrosexualism was never suppresed from the DSM as the result of clinical studies, scientific findings, or medical research.* Yet ironically, Aberrosexualist extremists go berserk whenever anyone points out or even implies that aberrosexualism is a psycho-sexual mental disorder.

Let's be very clear, “homophobe” and "homophobia" are ugly, hate-loaded slurs used to unjustly discriminate, ridicule and incite violence and hate. They are never acceptable. Civility demands they be stamped out.

SOURCE<< On December 14, 1973 the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association, meeting in Washington, D.C., eliminated homosexualism from the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual without presenting substantive evidence for such a drastic revision of basic concepts of healthy vs. unhealthy sexual development. >>

Please share this vital information with your elected officials, judges, attorneys, relatives, friends, and neighbors.


Truth has never stood in the way of ideological fanatics, any more than reality has ever stood in the way of delusional psychotics.


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