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a·be·rro·sex·ual \ˈabərəoˈsɛksjʊəl \


1. Anatomically and biologically aberrant or incorrect sexual behavioral choice. One that engages in anatomically and biologically aberrant, morally deviant sexual behavioral choices, or that behaves sexually in an anatomically and biologically unnatural, abnormal, or incorrect manner.

2. (Sociology) One whose sexual behavioral choices deviate from what is considered ethically or morally acceptable, socially normal or anatomically and biologically correct.

3. (Psychology) a person that engages in sexual behavior, conduct or practices that are aberrant, or that deviate from what is anatomically and biologically natural, normal or correct. Such as aberrosexualism, bisexualism, fetishism, homosexualism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, scopophilia, voyeurism, zoophilism, etc.


1. (Sociology) of or relating to what is socially considered unacceptable, abnormal, or atypical sexual or pseudosexual behavior

2. (Psychology) of or relating to a craving or obsession for anatomically and biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices; to aberrosexuals or aberrosexualism

3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) of or relating to sexual behavior or conduct that is anatomically and biologically abnormal, unnatural, or incorrect

<> Synonyms: sodomite, sexual deviant, sexual pervert (outdated/obsolete: homosexual)

<> Antonyms: orthosexual, sexually correct or normal (outdated/obsolete: heterosexual)

<> Latin Root
: aberrāre, aberrans-, present participle of aberre, going astray; deviating from the normal; behaving in an abnormal or untypical way; see aberration.

<> Examples of use:

1. Steve is an aberrosexual, but he's not an aberrosexualist or partisan of the aberrosexual ideology!

2. Aberrosexual behavioral choices are universally frowned upon because they are anatomically and biologically aberrant.

3. Jacob clearly has aberrosexual preferences, but he is respectful of others.

4. Aberrosexual is a scientific term that terrifies those it describes because it cuts through all the deceptive and misleading propaganda.

<> Translations:

French:           aberrosexuelle

*  German:         aberrosexuell

*  Greek:             ανδροσεξουαλικός

Italian:            aberrosessuale

Latin:              aberrosexual

Portuguese:    aberrosexual

Russian:         аберросексуальный

Spanish:         aberrosexual

*  Swedish:         aberroseksuell

*  Thai:               ผิดเพศ



Truth has never stood in the way of ideological fanatics, any more than reality has ever stood in the way of delusional psychotics.


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