Monday, November 4, 2019



Honestly, would you call this a "lifestyle," or an aberrant, anti-social behavioral choice?

"Control the words and you control the thoughts. Control the thoughts and you control the actions. Control the actions and you control the future." This is the three-fold formula used by cunning Italian Communist ideologue Antonio Gramsci. 

He wrote: “Communism will never win at the ballot box; it will never win in the battlefield. It will win in the classroom; it will win in the Media.

So when it comes to anatomically incorrect, biologically aberrant, physiologically wrong sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism (aka homoexualism), do you call it a "lifestyle" or what it really is: a sexual behavioral choice? 

Let's see. What's a lifestyle? A lifestyle is the way a person or a group chooses to live their life, not how they choose to behave sexually. Examples of a lifestyle are a monastic or monk's lifestyle, a single's lifestyle, or a sportsman lifestyle.

What about aberrosexualism? Aberrosexualism is an anatomically incorrect, biologically aberrant, and physiologically wrong sexual behavioral choice. Referring to aberrosexualism as a lifestyle is both inaccurate and offensive. 

A lifestyle is a way of styling your life, be it as a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, outdoor living fanatic or a healthy eating devotee. Each of these conjures a picture in our head of what interests a person, how their home and clothing might look, what type of classes they might attend or even what kinds of foods they like to eat. 

Lifestyles can also change due to income, interests and popular culture. But, would you ever call alcoholism, adultery, or shoplifting a "lifestyle"? Would you ever say the drunk driving lifestyle? Or the thievery lifestyle? We might not like a person’s lifestyle, but it’s unlikely we would fire someone, not speak to them, or worse, send them to prison for it. However, we do arrest, try, and send people to prison for their behavioral choices.

If anything, aberrosexualism is clearly a deathstyle because it promotes despair, depression, diseases and, ultimately, death. Just look up the numbers. What terms might you use instead of lifestyle? 

Here are three simple, accurate, and precise substitutes you should use: “behavior,” “conduct,” and "practices": all of them help describe the fact that people freely, willingly, and voluntarily choose who they will engage in sexual relations with. Yes. Scientifically speaking, who one sleeps with and how one uses their sexual organ is unequivocally a choice, not an undesired, unwanted, and involuntary act! 

REMEMBER: No one is forced or condemned by genetics, fate, destiny, or an itch to engage in sexual relationships with animals, children, or inanimate objects any more than they are forced or condemned by genetics, fate, destiny, or an itch to engage in masturbatory acts or conduct with others of their same sex. 

Speak truthfully. Call things by their true and correct name, not by slick, ideologically driven euphemisms. Don't unwittingly play into the hands of those who distort and manipulate language to control your thoughts and, ultimately, to control your future. Thank you for resisting the culture subverters.

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The truth has never stood in the way of ideological fanatics, any more than reality has ever stood in the way of delusional psychotics.