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The Unspeakables: 11 Words Those Who Honor the Truth Never Use

By New Era Communications Corp., Social Communications Team
Words Frame Thoughts. Thoughts Control Actions.
Actions Determine the Future.

<<<  Never Underestimate the Power of Words  >>>

Because the power and the force of words determine the outcome of any debate…

ONE. People who speak truthfully never say “gay” instead of aberrosexual or one whose sexual behavioral choices deviates from what is natural, normal or biologically correct. Why? Does anyone really believe that an individual that engages in biologically incorrect sexual behavioral choices, or an aberrosexual, is actually happy or gay?

TWO. People who speak truthfully never say “gay lifestyle” instead of biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choice or conductWhy? Would anyone ever say the adulterer, shoplifter, or drunk-driving "lifestyle”?

THREE. People who speak truthfully never say “gay community” instead of aberrosexual populationWhy? Would anyone ever say the “adulterer community,” the “thieves’ community” or the “spouse abusing community”?

FOUR. People who speak truthfully never say “gay marriage” instead of aberrosexual so-called “marriage” or phony “marriage.” Why? Is there more than ONE kind of marriage, i.e., the real deal? Two men can’t get “married” any more than they can get a hysterectomy. Two women can’t get “married” any more than they can get a prostatectomy. Phony, make-believe, ideologically-forced, aberrosexual so-called "marriage" is a fraud that undermines REAL Marriage by attacking Marriage’s purpose, corrupting Marriage’s meaning, and disrespecting Marriage’s very essence. Respect for Marriage demands that no adjectives be added to it.

FIVE. People who speak truthfully never say “traditional marriage,” instead True Marriage or just MarriageWhy? Everyone is ill-served by bastardizing and redefining the institution of Marriage by adding adjectives to the word “Marriage.”  There is no such thing as “natural marriage,” “gay marriage,” “traditional marriage,” “non-traditional marriage,” “opposite-sex marriage,” or “same-sex marriage.’’ There is just marriage, i.e., true marriage. All other wannabes are fake “marriage.”

SIX. People who speak truthfully never say “homosexual” or “homosexuality,” instead aberrosexual or aberrosexualism, i.e., anatomically incorrect, biologically aberrant or incorrect sexual behavioral choices. Why? Because “homosexual” or “homosexuality” are ideological propaganda terms crafted in the 1860s by aberrosexual extremist Karl-Maria Kertbeny seeking a clinically-sounding, nonjudgmental substitute for the then popular terms sodomite/sodomy or pervert/sexual perversion.

SEVEN. People who speak truthfully never say “heterosexual” or “heterosexuality.” Instead, they say orthosexual or orthosexuality, i.e., anatomically and biologically correct sexual behavior or human sexuality. Why? Because "heterosexual" or “heterosexuality” are ideological propaganda terms crafted in the 1860s by aberrosexual extremist Karl-Maria Kertbeny seeking a clinically-sounding, nonjudgmental substitute for the then popular word normal sexual behavior or sexuality.

EIGHT. People who speak truthfully never say “sexual orientation” (SO) instead of sexual behavioral choiceWhy? Because SO is a nonmedical, nonscientific modern-day superstition. SO is a propaganda term used to deceptively create the impression that biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism, are somehow genetic or immutable. There is not a shred of evidence that anyone is born an aberrosexual, any more than they are born an adulterer, or a pederast, or a prostitute, etc. No one is condemned by Nature to behave aberrosexually or to engage in abnormal, unhygienic, health injurious, and medically harmful sexual practices.

NINE. People who speak truthfully never say “gender” when referring to a person’s sexWhy? Because “gender” is the category or class of nouns and pronouns in languages. Words have a "gender." Human beings have a sex. The term “gender” is an ideological propaganda term used to conceal the unchangeable, non-fluid, biological reality of sex. This conveniently lets aberrosexualists and feminists to acknowledge the natural differences in the sexes, differences they simply cannot deny without appearing insane, while illogically attacking the so-called “gender inequalities” they claim need to be abolished.

TEN. People who speak truthfully never use “aberrosexual,” i.e., an individual that engages in biologically incorrect sexual behavioral choices, where the BETTER term is aberrosexualist, i.e., a partisan, whether aberrosexual or not, of the extremist, antisocial, anti-Life, anti-Family, and rabidly anti-Christian Aberrosexualist ideology that opposes the traditional Western concepts of human sexuality, monogamous marriage and the family.

ELEVEN. People who speak truthfully never tolerate the slurs of “homophobia,” “homophobe” or “homophobic.” Why? Because these are non-medical, non-scientific pejorative terms used to demean and ridicule everyone who disagrees with biologically incorrect, aberrant, deviant, or unnatural pseudo sexual behavioral choices, i.e., with Aberrosexualismbisexualismfetishismhomosexualismlesbianismnecrophilismsadomasochismzoophilism, etc.

One thing is clear: if you underestimate the power and the force of words your opponents will always outmaneuver you! Your terminology must communicate concepts with clarity and precision if you are to establish and develop a constructive and productive dialog with a confused and disoriented contemporary society. Without accurate, truthful terms, persuading contemporary society is a very difficult, self-defeating task.

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Truth has never stood in the way of ideological fanatics, any more than reality has ever stood in the way of delusional psychotics.


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