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GENDER – Definition

gen·der \ ˈjendər/


1. (Grammar a. Any of the three grammatical categories or classes that nouns, pronouns, and, often, adjectives belong to. These categories are called masculine, feminine, and neuter, and more important in the grammars of other languages than in English. In English, such words as boy, rooster, and he are of the masculine gender; girl, ship, and she are of the feminine gender; and baby ball, and it are of the neuter gender. b. One category of such a set. c. The classification of a word or grammatical form in such a category. d. The distinguishing form or forms used. (Webster's New World Dictionary)

2. (Ideological Newspeaka. An individual’s arbitrary, capricious, subjective opinion or self-perception of their sex. The inaccurate, unscientific, ideological euphemism-of-choice that aberro/feminist ideologues use to conceal or hide an individual's genetically unchangeable, biological sex.

Some Examples:

1. People cannot have a gender, they are not words or things. Only words or things can have a gender.

2. A person’s sex is never their gender because sex is a biological reality and gender is a grammatical classification.

3. When applied to human beings, gender is an fraudulent ideological propaganda term.

4. Aberrosexualists insist on using the term gender rather than sex when referring to a person’s sex.

BACKGROUND: The Oxford English Dictionary recognizes that “gender” is a ideologically imposed “euphemism” for a human being’s sex, intended “to emphasize the social and cultural, as opposed to the biological distinctions between the sexes.” 

Evolutionary psychologist Michael E. Mills is among the many scientists who have openly condemned the use of the ideological euphemism “gender” rather than the objective words "sex" or “sexual.” Mills suggested in 2011 that the sex/gender distinction is inappropriate, misleading and counter-productive because it erroneously presupposes that an individual’s sex can be partitioned into objective, biological factors, on the one hand, and, freely-chosen behavioral choices or subjective psychological opinions, on the other.

To justify their ideological prejudices, biases and superstitions, feminists and aberrosexualists ludicrously argue that so-called “gender” is totally undetermined by and has absolutely nothing to do with sex. By using “gender,” aberro/feminist ideologues push the superstition that sex depends not on scientifically demonstrable, genetically provable, biological characteristics and features, but on someone’s fantasy or feeling as to whatever sex they wish or feel to be. This conveniently lets aberrosexualists and feminists acknowledge the natural differences in the sexes, differences they simply cannot deny without appearing insane, while they illogically attack the so-called “gender inequalities” they claim need to be abolished.

Just remember:  Words have a gender; people have a sex.


Truth has never stood in the way of ideological fanatics, any more than reality has ever stood in the way of delusional psychotics.


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