Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Orthosexual – Definition

or•tho•sex•ual    \ ôr'thə- sek-sh(ə-)wəl\


1. Everyone or everything that biologically is sexually correct, natural, or normal.
Medical, scientific term used to refer to biologically correct human sexuality.

2. One that is sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex and disposed to engage in biologically correct sexual activity, behavior, or conduct, i.e., sexual behavior that is biologically natural, normal, or typical.

3. (Sociology) a person sexually attracted to the opposite sex; that does not deviate from orthodox sexual behavior or conduct considered socially normal, usual, or acceptable.

4. (Psychology) a person erotically attracted to members of the opposite sex and disposed to sexually behave in a biologically correct, natural, normal or typical manner. A person free of aberrosexual or psycho-sexual disorders such as bisexualism, fetishism, homosexualism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, scopophilism, voyeurism, zoophilism, etc.


1. (Biology) of or relating to biologically correct or normal sexual activity, behavior, conduct or practice; of or relating to sexual activity, behavior, conduct, or practice that biologically conforms to the norm or nature; of or relating to the opposite sex.

2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications) of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse, i.e., the penetration of opposite sexual organs;

3. (Sociology) of or relating to, and, therefore, considered socially acceptable, morally orthodox, or correct sexual behavior.

4. (Psychology) of or relating to orthosexuals as individuals or Orthosexuality; or characterized by sexual attraction, arousal or desire toward the opposite sex.

Synonyms: sexually correct, appropriate, healthy, sexually normal or natural, (obsolete: heterosexual)

Antonyms: aberrosexual, sexually aberrant, sexual deviant, sexual pervert, sodomite

Some Examples:

1. Edward, being free of psycho-sexual disorders, is orthosexual.

2. Only an orthosexual mindset produces well-adjusted, truly gay human beings.

3. Thomas defends orthosexual conduct for all members of society.

4. Psychologists should help everyone live a healthy, orthosexual life. 

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